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Wialon Pro Server Solution for GPS Tracking System

Fleet Maintenance System Wialon Pro

Wialon Pro is a GPS server software solution designed for GPS tracking. The system allows managing the fleets of one or several enterprises. More than 200 companies all over the world have installed Wialon on their servers and successfully use it so as to provide the GPS tracking services and control fuel consumption. One physical server with Wialon Pro allows simultaneously tracking thousands of target units moving around the world, around the clock. There are no any specific hardware requirements for the installation and stable operation of Wialon.

Gurtam specialists provide all Wialon Pro users with free technical support, concerning cartographic and other user requests. In contrast to software solutions created by other providers, Wialon Pro doesn’t require any client software. The users can monitor and control their fleets through any web browser installed on the computer or using a cell phone. To see Wialon Pro in action, please, try the demo mode.

Wialon Pro Key Components:

  • Embedded cartographic server WebGIS. — This is a unique solution developed by Gurtam, which enables a browser to display both a pack of Gurtam maps, and as well other maps (e.g. Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Navteq). WebGIS is upgraded with direct and reverse geocoding features which allow searching the maps and get the reports with accurate data.
  • Data storage system based on Oracle Berkeley DB. The system keeps all telematic information that the server receives from GPS tracking units. Using this database the Wialon users can easily generate analytical reports even over a long periods of time based on the data from GPS devices.

Wialon GPS server based solution is compatible with almost all GPS hardware types that are on the market today. Please, visit our "GPS Tracking Devices" page to check on the constantly updated rating of Wialon-supported GPS devices. Today this list contains more than types of GPS trackers, controllers and GPS Automatic Vehicle Locators, as well as Pocket PC / cell phone software. Besides, the system allows controlling fuel consumption, indexes of electronic systems in vehicles, and also checking the data from additional sensors connected to the GPS device.

The cost of Wialon Pro depends on the number of units you need to track and the functional modules, you want to have. Please complete our «Request for Quote» form and we will provide a quote based on your needs. Basic Wialon Pro includes a license that allows tracking 50 vehicles or other mobile units. Additional functional modules (e.g., Reports, Notifications, Jobs, Routes, Drivers, Retranslator, SMS management module, and so on) can be included in your Wialon Pro upon the request.

Wialon Pro GPS server solution is recommended for the companies that have already provided the GPS tracking services, have their own servers with a permanent Internet connection and the IT-specialists who are able to administer servers and tracking systems. Visit Wialon Pro vs. Wialon Hosting page to find out the differences between Wialon Pro and Wialon Hosting.

Wialon Pro history dates back to 2009 and today the solution is installed on 375 servers of our partners world over. The latest and the last Wialon Pro 1401 update dd. December 24, 2013 finished almost a five-year successful development history of this solution. All new functions and modifications will be further implemented in a new server solution — Wialon Local.

Wialon Pro Documentation:

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