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Wialon Kit — Open Platform for Vehicle Tracking

Wialon Kit logoThe Wialon Kit platform is the solution for the GPS and GLONASS vehicle tracking that includes custom web-application with open source code that can be upgraded and improved by using lots of available tools. This set of tools allows you to edit the interface and create your server and client programs, mobile applications, Web-applications, so, in general, any software for fleet management, logistics and satellite tracking.

Wialon Kit and programs made on its basis get the access to the telematics data that Wialon Data Center receives from more than 840 types of different GPS/GLONASS devices (the data transmission format of those devices is already integrated in Wialon). The access to the database is not limited only by reading the messages received from the devices: you can also create, edit and delete the messages as well as other elements of the typical vehicle tracking system (reports and geofences, alarms and sensors, user rights, etc.). Due to the facilities of the super productive Wialon Data Center hundreds of thousands of monitoring units, operators and dispatchers can simultaneously use the system.

Wialon Kit is designed primarily for companies that integrate GPS/GLONASS tracking systems, provide logistics and fleet management services and want to expand the range of services offered by the unique solution created by themselves on basis of Wialon Kit. Besides, this platform will interest the companies engaged in software development and have abilities to create unique applications on the basis of Wialon Kit in the short term and distribute them through a wide network of Gurtam partners.

The user charge for Wialon Kit depends on the number of vehicles that are connected to the system. For the complete price list please fill in the form on the Request a Quote page.

Wialon Kit for developers Wialon Kit can be used in 2 versions:

  • Remote API – gives access to data through low-level HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) requests. Using it, you can develop your own web services, mobile device applications, etc. on Wialon Kit basis.
  • JavaScript API – gives you access to Wialon Kit functions from your web application using JavaScript. It considerable decreases time of creation a web application because basic procedures have been already implemented in the platform.

With the help of Wialon Kit tools you can gain access and the ability to edit such components of vehicle tracking system as Messages and Reports, Users, Resources and Accounts, Units and Unit groups, Routes, etc. A number of examples is also available in source codes.

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