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Personal GPS Trackers

At this page you can see a constantly updated rating of personal GPS trackers, compatible with Wialon GPS tracking software.

This rating is based on the number of GPS devices connected to Wialon Data Center on 2015-08-01:

Show only personal GPS trackers with the following features:

Device specifications:
Functionality in Wialon:

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Devices Additional Hardware Mobile software
and other
Rank Personal GPS tracker Vendor Registered units Dynamic Quantity of new devices in last 90 days Users Rank
1IB-GT102Jagco Technology1051+172 (22 votes)
2cGuard PersonalcGuard285+132 (25 votes)
3Queclink GL300Queclink Wireless Solutions329+30 (8 votes)
4TK110RESIONT Technology308+26 (64 votes)
5Suntech ST940Suntech22+22 (0 votes)
6GlobusGPS GL-TR1 miniGlobusGPS372+21 (26 votes)
7Gosafe G2PGosafe15+9 (1 votes)
8MiniFinder PicoGPSER Sweden AB12+4 (7 votes)
9Queclink GL505Queclink Wireless Solutions17+3 (4 votes)
10Ji03Jimi Electronics5+3 (1 votes)
11inReach SEDeLorme2+2 (0 votes)
12GlobalSat TR-313GlobalSat10+1 (2 votes)
13JSP008Shenzhen Jin Sheng International1+1 (0 votes)
14TZ GT-01T-Zone0  (2 votes)
15MT-2000ANovacom0  (2 votes)
16Astron GT-3Astron0  (4 votes)
17Laipac S-911Laipac Tech0  (4 votes)
18ED WatchElectronics Design0  (0 votes)
19PT-9Freedom0  (1 votes)
20VIC-Zone T30VIC-Zone0  (2 votes)
21KrotRateos0  (0 votes)
22PT-20Bofan0  (14 votes)
23Telic PicotrackTelic2  (5 votes)
24MT88Meitrack0  (1 votes)
25MT80Meitrack0  (3 votes)
26STaRLink eBikeERM Electronic Systems1  (3 votes)
27T-06HC.Nord0  (3 votes)
28GT03Shenzhen Langkun Times Technology0  (15 votes)
29Teltonika MH2000Teltonika0  (6 votes)
30STAR TRACKER JB-100Jubilee Experts0  (8 votes)
31Queclink GT300Queclink Wireless Solutions57  (10 votes)
32IntelliTrac P1Systems and Technology1  (4 votes)
33Meitrack MT80iMeitrack0  (3 votes)
34BeagleBeagle0  (0 votes)
35Gosafe G616Gosafe0  (5 votes)
36Lell S-40Lell0  (0 votes)
37Lell S-10Lell0  (18 votes)
38Lell S-20Lell0  (0 votes)
39V680Shenzhen P.M Global Technology0  (10 votes)
40Transcom T-12Transkom0  (6 votes)
41GlobalSat TR-206GlobalSat73  (11 votes)
42QG-202HAQuest Guard Alliance0  (3 votes)
43Bars-TP1Avtopoisk0  (31 votes)
44Atlas PTRaveon0  (1 votes)
45Queclink GL500Queclink Wireless Solutions0  (4 votes)
46Semar PedinatorSemar0  (2 votes)
47Ivanglonassov MSP350Ivan Glonassov0  (4 votes)
48TS-P1Thingsys0  (5 votes)
49MySafe T300AmyPhone0  (3 votes)
50Ledesma trackerLedesma0  (11 votes)
51Laipac S-911 BraceletLaipac Tech1  (0 votes)
52NAVIS CH-5001NVS Telematics Systems0  (4 votes)
53GOTOP TL-201GOTOP1  (2 votes)
54Seeworld S03BSEEWORLD Technology Corporation0  (0 votes)
55Active Track GPSEBS1  (8 votes)
56Megastek MT110Megastek Technologies1  (0 votes)
57L1 TrackerLeadtek0  (0 votes)
58Agent PersonalAgent GPS0  (8 votes)
59SpyBikeIvan Glonassov1  (0 votes)
60RainbowStarcom0  (1 votes)
61Gosafe 6C6Gosafe0  (0 votes)
62GT300Shenzhen Concox2  (1 votes)
63MaxTrak Global PT2000MaxTrak Global2  (1 votes)
64SRT 306Scandinavian Radio Technology0  (0 votes)
65SRT 306iScandinavian Radio Technology0  (0 votes)
66SRT 326Scandinavian Radio Technology0  (0 votes)
67SRT 326iScandinavian Radio Technology0  (0 votes)
68SRT 334Scandinavian Radio Technology0  (0 votes)
69SRT EMUScandinavian Radio Technology0  (0 votes)
70JV03Jimi Electronics0  (0 votes)
71Ji06Jimi Electronics0  (0 votes)
72Ji08Jimi Electronics0  (0 votes)
73Ji09Jimi Electronics1  (0 votes)
74MiniFinder AttoGPSER Sweden AB0  (0 votes)
75GlobalSat TR-102GlobalSat1-1 (7 votes)
76PT-33Stars Navigation Technologies2-1 (2 votes)
77GSS Micro MVSanav4-1 (5 votes)
78TOBE EtrackTobe GPS2-1 (0 votes)
79Easyroad Technology GT98Easyroad Technology1-1 (51 votes)
80Wonde Proud SPT-100Wonde Proud Technology4-1 (2 votes)
81Osprey SAT-232Honeywell1-1 (0 votes)
82TL-202Toplovo1-1 (14 votes)
83PomcellPomcell2-1 (5 votes)
84GOTOP TV-680/690/990GOTOP1-1 (7 votes)
85Megastek GPT-68Megastek Technologies2-2 (1 votes)
86GC-101Sanav1-2 (5 votes)
87BBearShenzhen Concox2-2 (45 votes)
88TWIG ProtectorTwig527-2 (4 votes)
89TwinMask MT90Megastek Technologies2-2 (5 votes)
90Rilla G19Rilla Technology20-2 (4 votes)
91Gosafe G737Gosafe13-2 (2 votes)
92Naviset GT100SibLink6-3 (2 votes)
93Jointech JT600Jointech2-3 (10 votes)
94Senseit S7Senseit2-3 (3 votes)
95Gosafe G606Gosafe63-3 (1 votes)
96PT-35Stars Navigation Technologies2-4 (5 votes)
97Queclink GT500Queclink Wireless Solutions4-6 (6 votes)
98GS503Shenzhen Concox13-7 (16 votes)
99Queclink GL100MQueclink Wireless Solutions51-7 (4 votes)
100SPOT Gen3Globalstar19-7 (0 votes)
101Pet TrackerX-track7-9 (17 votes)
102Wonde Proud SPT-10Wonde Proud Technology100-10 (21 votes)
103Coban GPS102Shenzhen Coban Electronics22-11 (33 votes)
104Teltonika GH1201Teltonika39-12 (13 votes)
105Queclink GL100Queclink Wireless Solutions54-13 (16 votes)
106Portman GT2000Portman GPS8-13 (5 votes)
107ZXS SeriesShenzhen Zhixingsheng Electronic2-13 (4 votes)
108GlobusGPS GL-TR1GlobusGPS41-15 (19 votes)
109Queclink GT200Queclink Wireless Solutions27-18 (7 votes)
110Transcom T-15Transkom9-18 (68 votes)
111GT03AShenzhen Concox77-19 (3 votes)
112GlobalSat TR-151GlobalSat114-26 (21 votes)
113GlobalSat TR-203GlobalSat146-28 (34 votes)
114Meitrack GT30/GT60Meitrack70-30 (18 votes)
115Wonde Proud M7Wonde Proud Technology73-32 (15 votes)
116Meitrack MT90Meitrack1254-32 (70 votes)
117Enfora Mini-MTEnfora427-43 (17 votes)
118Teltonika GH3000Teltonika139-48 (28 votes)
119Concox GT02AShenzhen Concox79-61 (23 votes)
120Xexun TK102-2Xexun74-67 (104 votes)
121Queclink GL200Queclink Wireless Solutions487-93 (44 votes)
122Xexun TK-102Xexun356-259 (511 votes)
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